• Manuel Llaser - Oil And Water Extreme

"Manuel Llaser's Oil & Water Extreme is very visual and deceptive. Clever thinking!"
Boris Wild

"This is a new, clean and ingenuos oil and water, you will love it!" -Mr. Tango

Imagine being able to have your spectators mix red cards and black cards, then with a shake the colors separate face up.

Now imagine you could do it without any gimmicks.

Oil & Water Extreme is Manuel Llaser's update on this classic in two phases. First the magician fairly mixes the cards face down on the table, and with no moves the cards are turned over having instantly separated. Then in the second phase the spectators mix the cards! The magician spreads the alternating red and black cards face up and with a wave of the hand the colors instantly separate in full view.

This is a complete two phase effect, but if you are serious about card magic you'll find yourself working one or both phases into your own routine. The best part is that there are no gimmicks or extra cards. This miracle is done with only sleight of hand.

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Manuel Llaser - Oil And Water Extreme

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