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  • Notorious by Docc Hilford


Three subjects look at cards from a shuffled deck.

The deck is mixed by the participants.

You reveal all three cards in a different manner for each.

And each presentation is progressively more challenging.


The perfect piece for WALK-AROUND MENTALISM.

There are some basic requirements for such work:

The effect must be engaging! The plot needs to be simple and easy to follow. There should be little or no reset. You MUST entertain more than one person at a time!

Notorious meets all of these necessities.

After the deck is shuffled by a participant, three random cards are viewed without being removed, so no one "picks a card".

The group mixes the cards again, so there's no clue to their different identities or locations.

The first thinks of her choice, and you stop dealing at her card!

The next participant does likewise, but you deal from BEHIND YOUR BACK, so you can't be cued by her face or any other clues!

The final revelation is indeed, Notorious.

The third participant deals the cards, FACE DOWN, while YOU ARE BLINDFOLDED!

Even without seeing or touching the card, even after they've been shuffled and cut by the subject, even under those conditions...

you yell "STOP!", remove the blindfold and discover YOU FOUND THE LAST CARD!

Think about the impact on the participants.

They shuffle the cards. The choices are made with your back turned. They mix the cards again, yet you reveal each card and in a PROGRESSIVELY IMPRESSIVE MANNER! There's no reset. The choices are hands off. No sleights used. The deck is NOT prepared. Any deck can be used. It can even be BORROWED if you desire.

There IS a SPECIAL GIMMICK employed, that you'll want to incorporate into many other effects.


The perfect performance piece for WALK-AROUND MENTALISM.

NOTE: You already possess everything you need to assemble the Special Gimmick.

This is NOT a DIY project.

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Notorious by Docc Hilford

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