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  • Psychic Toolkit by Lewis Le Val

Welcome to the realm of the real!

In this thought-provoking 41-page PDF, Lewis Le Val explains in thorough detail his practical methods and approaches to what could be considered genuine mind reading and psychic ability.

Some highlights include:

Eye-opening observations about the nature of the human mind, the brain, and our place in the universe.

A start-to-finish explanation on how to begin reading minds, as directly as you'd imagine: Establishing a connection, reading their mind, then sharing your insights in the form of valuable readings.

Interpreting psychic impressions and how to extend the method to any other form of divination, such as tarot cards and palm reading.

Tapping into your intuition and developing your own, unique reading modalities.

Giving spontaneous psychic insights to complete strangers.

A multitude of alternative approaches employing the same skillset.

Getting specific with Le Val's devious "Ignorant Vision" method.

How to twist and manipulate a spectator's thoughts in real-time, Jedi style.

And so much more. This PDF is full of secrets, yet not an ounce of deception.

Psychic Toolkit contains practical approaches that won't let you down, you'll never find yourself claiming to read minds then being unable to do so.

The best part is, you won't need a single prop for anything you'll learn inside!

Please note: 'Mind Reading' and 'Thought Reading' are two very different concepts. If you want to seemingly read and reveal specific thoughts that people are thinking of, that is not taught in this PDF. Mind reading, however, is the art of seemingly peering inside someone's mind as a whole and describing what you see, and Psychic Toolbox teaches you exactly how to do that.

Disclaimer: Although Lewis Le Val, along with a select group of other known mentalists who've read this ebook, consider the methods to be as close to real mind reading as possible, we cannot ensure that you will unequivocally acquire the ability to read minds through this material. Regrettably, we cannot bestow superpowers upon you, but our aim is to guide you as closely as possible to unlocking this extraordinary skill.

PDF - 41 pages, instant download.

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Psychic Toolkit by Lewis Le Val

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