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  • The Mentalism Factory - Diy Gimmicks For The Mentally Obsessed by Scott Creasey
Comprising of 8 chapters and, 434 pages, The Mentalism Factory includes 53 gaffs, gimmicks, routines and essays, 227 step by step photographic instructions and contains just about every gaff, gadget and DIY mentalism idea I’ve devised, manufactured and worked to death over the past thirty years, including examples of the routines I use them for.

You’ll find ideas ranging from the simplest window envelope, to more complex builds for the peek wallets and impression pads I’ve created.

However, you won’t need a degree in design, qualifications in metal fabrication, training in the textile industry or a natural ability with woodworking tools. Just about everything here can be manufactured using nothing more than a craft knife, scissors, glue and in some cases a printer or other simple items you can obtain at your local stationery store.

Here's what those who have seen it so far have said.

“Scott Creasey are you crazy, are you crazy to share everything inside this book because literally inside here is everything. This is genius, it’s really, really cool. I am absolutely amazed by the contents of this book; I recommend it 300%.”

Luca Volpe


"The Mentalism Factory is so good I've created a new word to describe it.

(Of a person) clever, original, inventive.

Showing a skillful use of secret tactics to achieve goals.

A word to describe the thinking of Scott Creasey.

The miracle that is ********* is so clever  -- and I never would have thought of it in a million years.  But the way you have applied it to create new and improved versions of existing methods can only be described as ingenvious.

What makes your work standout is not only how clever the thinking is, not only how deceptive the methods are, but the fact that everything you offer is practical and works in the real world - and has been road tested by you over many years.

Fantastic book!"

Bill O'Connell


"If you love Scott's previous work, you'll be just as happy with this. Scott always seem to evolve, and add more layers, to his effects. Yes, there is absolutely repetition, but it's the kind you want. (And is free standing, if you don't have the earlier releases) I had previously discounted a few of his ideas as "not my style", but even that crumbled. This is a reference tool you WILL come back to for years to come is my guess. It's good folks. Really good. Really, Really, Really Good.

I keep going back to it, and it’s like Christmas morning every time. And historically I HATE DIY. But I love Scott’s end results so much, I’m enjoying it! I even got on Amazon and ordered a thing or two, which is rare for me. My next DIY project is going to be an alter in Scotts honor."

Ralph Hamrick


"I absolutely love the content! 
Even though it is DIY mentalism, it's all great stuff that is truly workable. 
One great thing about the book is that Scott details the progression of his thinking about the different gimmicks and routines. It's like getting a peek inside Scott's mind!"

James Scott


“Scott Creasey is on fire, that is all. Really great book guys; highly recommended.

Nique Tan


“I got my copy four days ago, WOW just WOW”

James Knight


"I just read your new book 'The Mentalism Factory' and want to say a huge thank you for this fantastic book. It really is a joy to read (like all your other books) and it is full of great ideas and improvements. "

Frank Sauer


"Yesterday I've received "MMM" and "The Mentalism Factory" and they are amazing!!!!"

Fito Crawford


"Hi Scott, I just finished your latest book and like all your previous ones, I loved it. They are really inspiring and this is my vision of what mentalism should be (simple and almost without artifice), bravo."

John Geerts

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The Mentalism Factory - Diy Gimmicks For The Mentally Obsessed by Scott Creasey

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